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All the Things

A Waffling We Will Go

Made from scratch, just for you

Chewy waffle batter with a cinnamon apple compote  $6

Cranberry Stout Waffle
Flavor bursts! Our stout waffle filled with IPA cranberries and topped with apple compote & maple cream  $7

The Benny
Our signature breakfast item. Savory bread waffle topped with a poached egg, country bacon & our house made hollandaise  $9

Problem Solver
Can't decide between sweet & savory? Here is the answer! Our stout waffle gets maple whipped on one side and a poached egg and holandaise on the other VG  $9

Simple Pleasure
Our deliciously chewy stout waffle topped with your choice of maple cream or syrup VG  $6

Berries & Cream
Just like it sounds. Fresh seasonal berries atop a mound of our delicious maple whipped cream atop our stout waffle  VG $7

The Elvis
 Fit for a King! Our stout waffle topped w/creamy peanut butter, bananas, and whipped cream. Add a chocolate drizzle for extra decadence. $8

Meat Lover's Waffle
Stout waffle topped w/brisket -or- pulled pork, and Hollandaise. $10
The Pale Pie

Breakfast Pizzas

This ain't no cold pizza kind of breakfast

The Pale Pie
Who doesn't like Pizza for breakfast? White cheddar sauce, scrambled eggs, provolone VG $8

The Roasted Toasted
Hot Lovin! Southwest spread, scrambled eggs, roasted jalapenos, Dee's smoked brisket, habanero cheddar $12

The Green Dream
Think Green! Feta-pesto spread, scrambled eggs, provolone, brew onions VG $8

Breakfast Burritos

We're the only breakfast burrito game in town

I've Been Cheddar
Haven't we all? Black bean spread, scrambled eggs, red onions, bell peppers, spinach, habanero cheddar $8

Trust us, it's terrific! White cheddar sauce, scrambled eggs, bell peppers, provolone. Topped with Sriracha $8

The Tejas
Tex-mex authentic! Scrambled eggs, bacon, seasoned potatoes. Topped with house-made salsa $8

Smokestack Burrito
Hot & Smoky! Southwest spread, scrambled eggs, brisket -or- pulled pork, smoked cheddar, Prov. $9

Greek BSTurrito
A Grecian delight! Feta spread, scrambled eggs, mixed greens, tomatoes. $7 V

Corned Beefurrito
 Flour tortilla stuffed w/corned beef, breakfast potatoes & Prov. $9

Breakfast Burger (w/beef)

Not Waffles, Burritos or Pizzas

Sometimes you just want something else

Corned Beef Hash
Slow cooked corned beef, house potatoes, & poached egg $9.50

Poached Please
Poached egg over our roasted root mix topped with hollandaise $6

Breakfast Burger
Your choice of black bean or all-beef patty topped with a poached egg & hollandaise $10

Meaty Scramble (w/brisket)

Egg Scrambles

For the egg lover in all of us

Meaty  Scramble
Scrambled eggs, brisket -or- pulled pork, white cheddar sauce, smoked cheddar, side of salsa. $10

Green Eggs & Ham (err, Bacon)
Scrambled eggs, bacon, feta pesto, Prov. $8

Fire Breather
Scrambled eggs, jalapenos, smoked cheddar, habanero cheddar sauce. $8



Rasher of Bacon
locally sourced from Sawyer's Meats  $3 Rosemary Bacon $4

Seasoned Potatoes
Roasted & lightly seasoned potatoes $2

Toast & Jam
2 slices of Rye or multi grain toast & jam. Ask your server for choices $2

Mixed Berries
A seasonal blend of mixed berries $2

Poached Free Range Egg
From Hebron Farms $2


Bendix Coffee
Locally Roasted! Bottomless cup of some of the tastiest coffee around $3

2 parts beer, 1 part OJ. You pick the beer, we add the OJ. (Price based on beer)

Organic Orange Juice
small  $1.5
large  $3

Bloody Beery
Our house bloody mary mix blended with a craft brew (Price based on beer)

Bloody Mary
Our house bloody mary mix blende with locally crafted 18 Vodka garnished with a fresh celery stick $6

Kids Brunch Menu

Just for kids!

Apple Waffle
Chewy Waffle topped with apple compote $6

Stout Waffle
Chewy Waffle topped with maple whipped cream or maple syrup $6

Scrambled eggs, white cheddar sauce and provolone cheese $5

Breakfast Pizza
White Cheddar Sauce, scrambled eggs, provolone cheese $5 (+ bacon $2)

Lil' Brewer's Plate
Scrambled eggs with roasted potatoes and bacon side $7